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In this 360° fictional drama, it's the not-so-distant future and the largest corporation on the planet controls Earth’s most precious resource: water.

The planet’s temperature has risen by two degrees, and the scarcity of drinking water is Earth’s most pressing issue. Yet the largest corporation in the world, BackChain, has the world in its grip, spinning lies to maintain control of drinking water.

A brave duo, Eve and Max, are ready to risk everything to expose the truth and give humanity a chance to survive. As danger closes in, Kira steps in to help. But who - or what - is Kira? In a world where the boundaries between reality and technology are blurred, what is real - and more importantly, what is true?

KIRA was commissioned by the International Planetarium Society in celebration of the 2023 Centennial of the Planetarium. Full preview below.

Film Type

Length: 21min
Upper KS3 - KS5 / Adults
Also available in German

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