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Hold a Famous Meteorite

Barringer 500Hold a Famous Meteorite

Available with all bookings: an opportunity to cradle in your hand a 354g fragment of one of the most famous meteorites in history, the one that gouged out Barringer Crater (also known as Meteor Crater) in Arizona, USA - the best preserved impact crater on Earth.

A short, presenter-led immersive show component adaptable for all ages.

Utilising stunning 360° visuals (see Funnel Time) we also consider the age of our planet, continental drift and the evolution and natural extinction of past forms of life on Earth.

Meteorites are 4.6 billion years old; so when you touch a meteorite (any meteorite) you touch the oldest object you will ever touch.

Below a photo and the certificate of authenticity of our Barringer meteorite fragment.

Show Type

Length: 5-20min
All ages

Details of the original meteorite that created Barringer Crater:

Barringer 800


Our Fragment : Proof of Authenticity

Our Barringer meteorite fragment was received as a farewell gift from the Armagh Planetarium meteorite collection when Mario Di Maggio left Northern Ireland in 2001 to launch the Glasgow Planetarium

(click images to enlarge)

Armagh Barringer Meteorite 450

BarringerFragment 450


Image from Dome Club Planetarium on Yuup

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