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8 Scoops Of the Milky Way

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8 Scoops Of the Milky Way

In a side arm of the spiral Milky Way galaxy, we share a fascinating neighborhood with eight wondrous planets and a powerful star.

These planets are so different from each other it's difficult to see them as members of the same family - and yet they co-exist in harmony.

From the fiery Sun to the lava-covered surface of Venus to the massive storm belts of Jupiter, this film reveals breathtaking imagery of our Solar System - including an achingly beautiful eclipse of the Sun by Saturn.

Experience the uniqueness of our Solar System with eight generous scoops of the Milky Way.

Preview the entire film below.

Film Type

Upper KS2 - KS4  /  Families
Length: 20min

Also available in Hindi, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannad and Malayalam.


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